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Welcome to WNSO Georgia

WNSO stands for Worldwide Nepalese Student`s Organization which is dedicated to help Nepalese students planning to go overseas for their further studies.

Georgia, (Georgian:საქართველო sakartvelo) a former republic of Soviet Union, located to the east of Black Sea in the Southern Caucasus, is not one of the main destinations for studies and working opportunities, but it can be a definite alternative solution for students seeking to pursue their higher education abroad on low cost and expense.

The main target of WNSO Georgia is to provide as much information and support to the prospective students as possible. We are here to help you on any issues regarding studies, living, and working opportunities available for students like us.

Please feel free to send us your enquiries and questions.. We would gladly reply any of your queries.

Contact us at:
Email: georgia@wnso.org
Forum: http://chautari.wnso.org

WNSO Georgia Team Welcomes You .......!

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