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Cost of Living

Living cost in Georgia is not that high compared to other European countries, but it is comparatively costlier than Nepal or India.

As a student, 80$ - 100$ USD per month is quite enough for fooding. The cost of lodging depends upon various factors like the location, size, condition one choose for themselves. There are student hostels as well. Some universities provide you the hostel with a nominal fee of 200$ - 300$ per year, while some costs about 120$ - 150$ USD per month. Some government universities even has a free hostel facility for their students, but it is not guaranteed.

Renting an apartment is another alternative, which costs about 150$ - 200$ USD per month. If you choose to share the apartment with friends, the cost is much reduced.

Public transportation is very cheap. There are underground metros, microbuses, etc. If we travel in underground metro, it cost about 10 cents and microbuses about 30 cents. The taxi service is relatively cheap as well. Microbuses run over all the destinations in and out of Tbilisi. So, transportation is not much of an issue.

Regarding other expenses, it completely depend on ourselves.


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